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Arqaam Capital's custody services offer a best-in-class platform for the secure settlement and safekeeping of client funds and assets, across a variety of international markets.

Our services include:

Trading, Clearing and Settlement

We offer our clients global access to stock markets and the ability to trade & settle in over 100

countries. Through our experience in exchange conventions & local regulatory practices we

ensure a seamless solution for our client needs

Safekeeping of Client Assets

All assets from clients are ring fenced away from the Arqaam's proprietary activities and are

maintained in segregated accounts dedicated only to client activity. Sub-agents contractually

acknowledge the segregation and ring-fencing of client assets to assure their safekeeping and

avoid client exposure to Arqaam credit risk


A full array of  automated reporting is available to our clients including statements which detail

multi currency balances, portfolios and transactional history; including indicative portfolio

valuations and audit response requests

Multi Product Access

From listed securities such as equities, futures and bonds to more complex derivatives such as

options - all are available under one platform

FX facilities

A single platform to allow clients to forex existing cash holdings for either speculative or

settlement purposes

Corporate Actions & Proxy Voting

Monitoring and processing of all corporate actions in the clients portfolio

Collateral Management

Management and reporting on all cash movements in relation to derivatives including margin

payments & collateral calls



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