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Arqaam Capital's Asset Management business focuses on the development and management of frontier and emerging markets funds and portfolios for institutional clients, family offices and high net-worth individuals.

We have a strong track record in generating excellent risk-adjusted returns in MENA markets and our products are uniquely structured to maximize value and benefits to the clients.  We follow the highest compliance standards and have a strong emphasis on thorough detailed analysis to support the investment process. This in-depth regional knowledge and detailed understanding of the companies we invest in is at the core of the investment process.

The asset management team has a diverse mix of skills and backgrounds providing a combination of international best practice and local market knowledge. The team members form the foundation of our business and are involved in all aspects of the process to ensure continuity, career progression and succession planning.

Arqaam Capital Asset Management is appointed as investment manager by Arqaam funds which are separate legal entities.

Arqaam funds have external and independent auditors, custodians and administrators.

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