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Why Join Us?

From its inception Arqaam Capital has set out to differentiate itself from its many competitors within the region by adopting internationally accepted best practice and standards in everything that we do. We have therefore set out our intention to identify and recruit the best qualified people for every job and to encourage them towards fulfilling their potential. We also pride ourselves on our professionalism, creativity, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit, whilst at the same time maintaining, and expecting our employees and partners to uphold, the highest ethical standards.

Since being established, Arqaam Capital has developed a range of policies and procedures in areas such as Training & Competence, Performance Management, Employee Development and Compensation and Benefits which reflect international standards and are consistent with the establishment of a leading investment banking institution.

One of the founding principles of Arqaam Capital is that sustainable businesses are created when there is a high degree of alignment between the interests of the firm and its employees. To this end Arqaam Capital has established mechanisms that enable members of the Arqaam Capital team to have a stake in the firm and share in its long term success.

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Arqaam Capital Limited
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